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We Thank You for your Support

In the current age of music, it seems that music fans are left with only 2 options...

- Major Label Machine Music- This is the over produced, highly formulaic music that is funded by corporations with their own message of consumption behind it. The stuff that's created by the same pool of boring producers and songwriters for every project, based on marketing research, and shoved in your ears at every opportunity.

-Bedroom Producer Music- With the growth of the internet, accessing home-grown music is easier than ever. However, with all of this flooding it can be hard to find anything of quality that you really want to listen to.

...This is where FINE GRIT MUSIC comes in. Our mission is to bring to you, the listener, music that is both of high quality, as well as being artistically creative and without the motives of mass commercialism behind it. We stand for putting the ART back in artist and spreading the quality of entertainment you deserve. However, without the support of corporate entities, we need all the help we can get from fans like you who appreciate good organic music.

In these times of creative oppression, we thank you for your contribution to the arts, and helping ensure further growth of our creative and expanding library. Every bit counts, and even a share on your personal page can help keep the flame alive.

Please bookmark this page and check back often for new music and artists